Falling Stars
Falling Stars
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janaemitchellverified YA Author & Random Awkward Dancer
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An (edited) excerpt from "For Eternity", the 3rd book in my For Always series (published by Limitless Publishing.)

Falling Stars

by janaemitchell

There are people that may only get to come into our lives for a short time. As sad as we are when they have to go, we can't dwell on that.

We've got to be thankful that they were able to be a part of our lives at at all.

A blessing, no matter how short-lived, is still a blessing.

Take meteorites ~ falling stars, for instance. They shoot across the sky so quick that sometimes we can only catch a glimpse of them.

But when we do, they take our breath away.

Life is like that.

The people you love with all your heart, but who left too soon...

...they're your falling stars.

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