Be Thankful....
Be Thankful.... pain stories
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Sometimes, you just have to change the way you think about life.

Be Thankful....

by Janae Mitchell

I’m thankful when my truck’s window won’t roll back up because it means I have a working vehicle.

Some people don’t.

I’m thankful when I have to squint in the sun because it means I can see.

Some people can’t.

I’m thankful when a loud noise hurts my ears or an annoying one makes me cringe because it means I can hear.

Some people can’t.

I’m thankful when my back hurts because it means I can still walk.

Some people can't.

I’m thankful when my tendinitis causes pain because it means I still have an arm.

Some people don't.

I’m thankful for my kids’ messes and mistakes because it means they’re living life.

Some people’s aren’t.

Don’t let pain and aggravation in life make you forget how lucky you are to have the opportunity to experience it.

I know I won't.

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