Living Tragedy
Living Tragedy depression stories

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From the book "Life Can Change" ...
When her friend is involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that almost kills him, it kills a small part of her, too. Even so, she will fight for him, even when he doesn't have the strength to, himself.

Living Tragedy

As the words of despair are spoken, reality washes all hope away.

I fall to my knees in cold agony, cursing this very day.

Black ice fills my lungs, every breath silently killing me.

Frost running through my veins, only Death will set me free.

I beg for it to take me, but Death is never kind.

Its smile is ever deceiving, reprieve I’ll never find.

Yet, it bows its head before me, as if conceding my heart’s desire.

Its mercy a mere mirage, Death is but a liar.

“For I do not lie,” Death says, “nor do I concede. Life can harbor an internal death, and in death life can be freed.

I shall free no one, today, but life is still mine to take. The pain of a living death is sweeter, a life one shall forsake.”

I stand up to Death bravely, a fight that can never be won.

Once a life is near the end, it cannot be undone.

“If what you say is true,” I dare, “then you will continue on your path. No life will be forsaken, today, so you have no power or wrath.

If you are ever again summoned, I will battle for the life you seek. Just like this very moment, I will fight when they are too weak.”

Death bowed its head once more, flashing its wicked grin. “My absence is merely temporary, for it is certain you will see me again.”

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