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jan18w Community member
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Dark, heavy and fictional thoughts that came to my mind, whilst watching a wild thunderstorm outside...

a r m a g e d d o n

I‘ve been expelled off the pearly gates, right into hell, where my wicked demons mate

facing them all, feeling their sinister breath on my cheeks, leaving deep wounds and burns, tearing the flesh off my skin

remaining in a sea of dark red blood, cannot stand it, forced to spill my rotten guts

first in my thoughts, second in my soul, drained, whilst living the worst nightmare of all

death and decay, between two worlds I sway, wether light or dark, the hellfire destructs all my ways, keeping me from finding any light, forcing me in this darkness to stay doomguards roughly torture me, begging or obeying, it doesn’t matter anyway

gazing up into the dead sky, no rain, just grey ashes exhaustingly pouring down, it’s not water, not heat, but darkness and depression that eventually will make me drown

constantly tripping and falling deeper into this infinite black void, no halt, only countless ghouls urging me to descend deeper till facing death’s soil

so lost, no place to go or live, no moving creature to call, this life took it from me, my very everything and all

- exiting this life, looking for some other place to dwell -

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