Jam Jars: The Blurb
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Jam Jars the blurb

Jam Jars: The Blurb

by jamjarsthebook

The city of Bochardess has never been Kind to Vera, but by some stroke of luck she has finally managed to get herself a friend in high places, and a job.

Vera has been assigned as Emma’s bodyguard. Vera has never been a bodyguard before.

She doesn’t know what she’s protecting Emma from,

she doesn’t know who Emma is

and she doesn’t know why she’s so eager to help her.

All she knows is the job pays well, and she doesn’t have another option.

Then Emma is attacked.

Vera, fellow bodyguard Tsuru and Emma embark on a search to figure out what is going on, but it soon becomes clear that they are facing forces far greater than they could have imagined.

Toeing the line between giving up and letting her rage loose, Vera finds her situation ever more perilous as the days go by.

Can Vera, Tsuru and Emma figure out the mysteries of Bochardess before everything is lost?

To find out more about the coming book, visit my tumblr @jamjarsthebook

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