Vows for the Skin
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This is a piece about a 27-year-long romance that finally learned its own name.

“When you truly come into being, it makes you sexier” - Andrea Gibson

Vows for the Skin

I will love this body

there is music in these veins

through the hours of the night

they paint the walls

singing from rooftops

each note a snowflake

on soft lips

I will hold this body

through the noise

the trauma has its own

percussive persistence

I have learned

to embrace its rhythm

I will fight for you

every cell

all the love

under your skin

This body

it is so happy to exist

it is so grateful to truly be

yes it needs my help

yes it needs rest

it is the child with scraped knees

it is the grown man

on the highway at midnight

gripping the steering wheel

until he remembers he can breathe

This body is love;

this body is love.

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