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jamietucker Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   8 months ago
A love so intense its not meant for this world....

Give me your hand, join me at the sun. We can meet along the galaxy, splash some color along the black holes. We can wish upon the stars and watch them burst into glittery stardust.

We can ride along the tails of comets, pointing out the specks of space to each other. We'll sail the vast black sea and discover moon light treasures. Close your eyes, take a deep breath.

Lets jump into the milky way and get lost in the magic river. We can circle the planets and pick our favorite.

Pluto? Mars? The one with the rings? Turn those baby blues towards me, let me see that sparkle of mischief and adventure. I will follow you any where, until the end of time.

Our existence could be endless, just put your hand in mine and believe.

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