We All Just Live Here
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jamieramblesWattpad writer: @SearchingForSolace
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A story about several troubled people and what it means to be yourself.

We All Just Live Here

by jamierambles

"We all just live here. " She whispered. "All of us occupying this specific space at this specific time, what are the chances of that?"

Several troubled people meet under unlikely circumstances.

Lara Medina Parker

A quick-witted artist running from ghosts of her past.

Cameron Lowry

A self-proclaimed physicist who aims to understand himself and the mysteries of the universe.

Mason Reed

The school's star quarterback who got his life turned upside down after a motorcycling accident.

Jian Lee

An insomniac hacker grappling with trauma.

Yoko Suzumiya

A talented A-student competing with impossible standards set by her family.

Charlie Rossi

A shy law student eager to welcome his step-family to New York.

Amal Al-Radhi

An empathetic medical student struggling to come out to her parents.

Cassandra Lowry

A sarcastic musician with a love for baking, currently the glue of her family.

Jane Casalla

A two-time pageant winner struggling to uphold the perfect image.

Spencer Ridwan Hanson-Collet

An adventurous trans boy who desires to prove himself.

Albert Lowry

A curious high school freshman trapped under his siblings' shadows.

"We may be different, but we all belong here. Together." He responded.

We All Just Live Here

An upcoming Wattpad story. https://www.wattpad.com/user/SearchingForSolace

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jamieramblesWattpad writer: @SearchingForSolace
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jamieramblesWattpad writer: @SearchingForSolace
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jamieramblesWattpad writer: @SearchingForSolace
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I love the introduction of characters. Their backgrounds portend of a good story to come. Great post!!!!