I'm a Liar
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jamierambles Wattpad writer: @SearchingForSolace
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About a girl who can't come out.

I'm a Liar

by jamierambles

Slip into my skin, into the spaces between my bones and flesh, what will you find in there?

A heart that beats for the sake of beating and nothing more,

lungs that breathe for the sake of breathing and nothing more-

I'm awake, but a part of me is comatose,

I'm thick-skinned, but a part of me bubbles under the surface always,

I lie to myself: saying that I can stand that I'm missing pieces.

Fall into her arms, all the curves and edges pressed against each other, what will you find there?

Two hearts, two mouths, one love-

she is my home,

but there's an ocean between us that she can't part-

a mountain range that she can't cross-

and distance that she can't walk-

and I placed them all there; I lie to her: saying that I can live without her.

Crash and burn, pulled back and forth what will you find there?

Split in two,

my head says to lie,

but my heart screams her name;

I lie to myself, thinking that I can get to heaven by cutting a part of myself away.

"I'm a Liar" from 1999

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