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You Were Born For This

by jamieenglishorg

You were created for a special purpose.

You have a divine assignment on your life. That means you were created to solve a specific purpose and to solve it with excellence.

There is nothing you don’t have to get the problem resolved.

You have everything you need!

Many will read this and doubt themselves.

You may think oh, I just need that degree or I need to have more money or I need to achieve this goal before I can do it. When you tell yourself that, you are telling yourself a lie.

The truth is you have everything you need.

God is not going to implant anything else inside of you because it is already there. It’s up to you to start unpacking the hidden talents, secrets, treasures that you have inside.

Everything You Need Means:

A mind made of perfection that will lead you and guide you toward the ideas, thoughts, actions you need to implement success, abundance and prosperity in your life.

A mind that is powerful, effective, creative.

A sanctuary for multitude of thoughts, ideas, decisions. A mind that has the ability to heal your body.

A beating heart that provides you with the ability to get up

..and move each day. A heart that can be fearless and allow you to overcome any and all obstacles.

A mouth that can speak any language you chose to allow.

A mouth with the power to change the life of another with words.

A mouth that can put words together,

influence others to be better in their lives, to speak words into your own life that create success and abundance, words that allow others to promote you.

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