Why I Love Problem Solvers
Why I Love Problem Solvers stories

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Why I Love Problem Solvers

by jamieenglishorg

They aren’t afraid to solve a problem. Instead of running away from problems, they jump at the opportunity to fix it. They are level headed individuals.

They don’t create problems. They don’t make excuses. They are usually some of the most successful people on Earth.

Problem solvers make great leaders.

While studying wisdom on my spiritual journey, I learned alot about problem solvers. People who solve problems swiftly and cheerfully. They are some of the best leaders.

I remember when I was volunteering at a homeless ministry in Philadelphia many years ago. I have a heart for serving those less fortunate and people without homes and this ministry was perfect.

Usually, I had served feeding with a group but they sent out an emergency call for volunteers one day during the week and I got up and went.

I arrived by myself…about 7-8 months pregnant. They had just gotten a huge truckload of donated personal care items and needed help sorting everything.

When I arrived, I looked around for the leader to ask what to do but I couldn’t identify anyone. I just saw a bunch of confused volunteers doing the best they could do.

With no leadership present, I scanned the room, saw what they were doing and though of what I could to improve productivity. I am a huge fan of working smart and not hard.

I saw a free table, got a bunch of items to sort and set up my production table… a colleges party of one.

Shortly after, organizing and sorting effectively and feeling happy that I figured out a strategy that took half the ticolleagues, I noticed a few people come to work at my table.

Then more cam and even more. Soon, all of the other tables and production lines resembled mine and they picked up the order.

Our chaos become productive and effective. it only takes one. In a room full of volunteers (over 20) when a problem solver is present and is willing to change the order of things as it stands,

that is the key to true leadership.

I was willing. I loved solving the problem. I executed. I didn’t sit and wait for someone to tell me what to do.

These are the strengths of true problem solvers. Which one are you? Do you solve problems or do you create problems?

We need more problem solvers in the world today.

Who is Jamie English? I am a love mentor who will help you come back to a place of love, peace and fulfillment in your life. Get ready for a Life Coach experience… on steroids.

Visit my website http://www.jamieenglish.org/

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