The Greatest Gift on Earth is The Spirit of God
The Greatest Gift on Earth is The Spirit of God stories

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The Greatest Gift on Earth is The Spirit of God

I remember many years ago when someone special would walk by me and I stopped ..

This is what I call…The Spirit of God.

Why Is Spirit Of God is So Important to Have in Today’s Society? it’s really hard to not become engulfed in it. you look around, you may see lots of poverty, suffering, depression and pain ..

but if you lead your life by the Spirit of God.. start to see things differently.Growing up in the city of Philadelphia when I would go downtown to the city areas there would be many people sleeping on the streets..

it was shocking to see so many people not really care ..

Inside my heart, I felt bad for the people but over the years and aging as a teenager, it was uncool to care so that’s what I did…not care.Now in my mature adult years, I care.

I show that I care.

it literally stops me in my tracks every single time. I can’t just walk by like it doesn’t matter .I have to do something….anything! I have to acknowledge what I see.

It breaks my heart when people judge them..

and say things like: they messed up, they need to get a job, etc.

With the Spirit of God, I don’t think that way.

I pray for them. I ask how can I help. I talk to them. I give money to them. I feed them. There is always something you can do when you see a person struggling.

That is what this gift of the Spirit of God is..

unconditional, loving heart, compassion, forgiveness, peace.

Without this, who are we?

What would the world really be like with people who don’t lead by the Spirit of God. I’d call it a living hell. We’d be worst than we are now.

There are many people who live by the Spirit of of God!

We yearn for it. We labor for it and we are ready, willing and able to do what we are called to do to fulfill our divine assignment. We all have a divine purpose (whether you know it or not).

Ask God to come into your heart..

and allow the Spirit of God to lead your life. You’ll see things through new eyes. You’ll be a walking representation of God each day ..

let your light shine bright!

It will be your light that will illuminate in a room full of darkness. See more at:

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