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No Longer Slaves

by jamieenglishorg

I was once a slave to my thoughts

I used to limit myself by thinking that there was never enough to go around. I used to make the assumption that having everything you wanted out of life wasn’t possible for certain people.

I used to think really, really small too..

I thought if I’d got a decent education, a decent job, got married and have kids, live in a simple suburban home that I would be satisfied and that would be enough.

I actually thought, I’d have it made.

As I look back on those old limiting beliefs, I see that I was a slave to my thought process. I had a roadblock amongst my mind and the crazy thing about it was I didn’t even know it.

It wasn’t until I had to fail miserably at many things..

that birthed a strong desire and flat out desperation to learn. I had to learn from others.I was desperate enough to sit down, shut my mouth, listen, absorb and apply.

So I started with learning wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference… The difference in people, the difference in an environment, the difference in mindsets,etc.

wisdom is really the main topic everyone needs to learn..

and I believe it should even be taught in every school.Wisdom will prepare you for every area of your life including but not limited to: love, forgiveness, peace, fulfillment, success..

Wisdom will prepare you for every area of your life..

including but not limited to: love, forgiveness, peace, fulfillment, success, prosperity, abundance, your words, your mind, your power.

When you learn to apply wisdom to every area of your life..

you are no longer a slave to your thoughts, your words.When one is enslaved, there is limited abilities that stop progression.

Enslavement of the mind..

is one of the worst forms of enslavement we can have. There’s no growth, there’s no change, there’s no purpose.

it’s extremely important to learn all you can about wisdom..

We tend to make things more difficult and challenging in our lives but with wisdom it’s clear and concise yet has much depth.

Stay connected with me and you’ll see that wisdom..

flows from my being, from my spirit and from my soul. To me, there is no other way to be… longer slaves. Be well.

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