If You Are Who You Say You Are, Why Don’t You…..?
 If You Are Who You Say You Are, Why Don’t You…..?  stories

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If You Are Who You Say You Are, Why Don’t You…..?

When someone asks you for help, do you help them or do you make excuses ...

What if the person asked you directly for help ..

...and you did nothing, then what? Just think about that for a moment.

When we say we operate in love, we should not be conditional

There are times when my spirit leads me or reminds me of a person who may need help .Sometimes it’s right in front of my face and sometimes I receive subtle hints that the person needs my help.

There will be some instances you see & some you may overlook

It is up to you to stay connected and lead by the spirit of God in order to recognize these times ..When you chose to operate in love, you look for these opportunities

Strategize the best way you can help..

whether it be giving them money to help with their problem and ease the burden, pray for them and be specific about their need , connecting them with other sources who may be able to help them.

ask God to reveal it to you and if you don’t get an answer..

and I’ve been guilty of this in my past where I would say I didn’t know what to do..

God has already given me the ability to help another person

but the question was did I have the faith to believe that if I helped this person, that I would not be without. I struggled with this for many years and I lost out on several opportunities ...

Today, this is no longer my struggle ...

I realize I am equipped with plenty of resources to help another. When the spirit leads you, the answers always come ..

Why Do You Expect Another to Do What You Won’t Do...

Sometimes we put expectations on others in areas that we are not even willing to do ourselves . When we do this the other person may not take us seriously ...

Why don’t you love your neighbor as yourself?

Many people claim to love others but will pass their own neighbor by whether they are in need or not and not even offer a greeting..

Do we even care to recognize others ..

Are we o busy that we don’t even recognize the needs of another? ... because we are going through struggles ourselves?

In the word of God, it clearly states that God will provide.

Why Don’t You Have The Faith to Believe that God will Provide? When it appears that He has not, it could be because there is a lesson you need to learn first before he can release the blessing

this is a continuous lesson for me to trust God ..

and to use the very power He has given me to be more and have more. I learned when I pray to God for help, believe that it’s already done, work towards the goal as if it is already done ...

I may not see the results of it right away...

but at some point, it will come.

Why Do you put Conditions on Love?

Most people can say I love you to another but is that love contingent upon your needs or your wants? I’ve heard people say they love someone but in the next breath speak so hateful ..

and I ask myself, is their love conditional?..

It is my understanding that real love is unconditional meaning that even if you can not provide the things that I may need or want, I still love you anyway..

I came to this realization...

There is a difference in conditional versus unconditional love. Conditional love fails, Unconditional love never fails.

Why Do You Chose the Enemy in Your Head over God?

many people who address the enemy or “devil” as if it’s not within them.I finally was able to see the difference in my own life when I decided to become accountable for everything ..

This has been an incredible journey..

to know the difference that way I can work towards conquering it the next time I am face with adversity.

Ask yourself these questions...

Are you a giver? Or are you selfish? Do you love? Or do you spread hate? Do you forgive others? Or do you hold on tightly to the past?

It is never too late to start the process of being more ..

just know that you can always work on improving in any of the areas mentioned. - See more at: http://www.jamieenglish.org/love-lessons/if-you-are-who-you-say-you-are-why-dont-you/#sthash.wyEQ1rmj

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