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How to Overcome Hate

by jamieenglishorg

If you are paying attention to what’s going on around you..

and around the world, you’d notice the level of hate that is taking place publicly. I’d like to share with you how to overcome hate.

Hate is the opposite of love.

It is opposition that is designed to destroy love. Hate is intentional and causes division but hate cannot thrive if love is the dominating factor. have the power to shut down hate with love.

It is your choice.

The answer is simple.

If you are confronted with a person who leads with hate, what do you do?

Be love.

Never match hate with hate because that’s like seeing a fire and throwing lighter fluid on it.Love is needed to overcome hate. it is the only solution.

Turn from hate. Do not ignite it. Do not threaten it.

Do not match the hate. Ignore it. Turn away and continue your day. Recover from it as if it never happened.

Ask the right questions.Once the other person is not enraged

Ask, why were you so angry? Do not judge them. Just ask the right, non-judgmental questions.

Be Love.

When you are love and you show love and you demonstrate love, you will not attract much hate.

Hate is a choice.Hate is learned behavior.

Hate is the opposite of love so if you are not spreading love, you are spreading hate.Hate will consume you and steal your happiness.

Hate will drive negative people to you..

and move positive people away from you. Hate is destructive.

There is no peace in hate.

Hate is easy to get entangled in.

Love is of God.

Don’t take the easy way out….Love is the answer…

Start here towards a journey of inviting more love into your life.

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