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Hold Your Peace..

We all thought that 2016 would get better in our society and we had great hopes

I still do because I believe it’s never too late...

but I need to discuss why I don’t see others reflecting the same level of optimism as they did on January 1, 2016

As I peruse my social media accounts each day..

I see more and more hate posts, disrespect posts, dishonorable content, videos, nonsense, etc. mainly over the potential presidency candidates..

people coming out of their normal character ..

or perhaps this is their normal character when they disagree with someone else .Now if you’ve read any of my posts before ...

you’ll know or come to know that I am all about:

love, peace, forgiveness, wisdom, honor, excellence, etc. and I work toward displaying these characteristics daily.

When I do, my surroundings change..

and my life is way more peaceful and fulfilling (smile).Then there comes a time when you see others complaining , arguing over political topics ,displaying very negative patterns ...

yet they contradict themselves (some unknowingly)..

and say they want peace in their lives. How does one speak dishonor and negativity yet bring peace?

one well known quote is appropriate..

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different outcome.” This is when it’s time to……Hold Your Peace

What does that mean exactly?

You do not allow negative behavior to takeover your life, your mind and your words When you disagree with another person’s statement, you hold your composure. ..

You trust God enough to know that no matter what happens..

God is in control and not man.Becoming a master at holding your peace reflects that you are in control of yourself and you will not allow the ways of the world to consume you.

When you act just like or worst than the arbitrator ..

you show your ignorance and the same battle you are against, you are now a running competitor in. - See more at: http://www.jamieenglish.org/love-lessons/hold-your-peace/#sthash.ylKAwRVY.dpuf

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