Books for Students in Kano

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Books for Students in Kano

by jamieenglishorg

 What an amazing request!!

This very astute and lovely young man who is a teacher Kano, Nigeria reached out to me in the hopes that I would consider sending his school books to read..

How could I ignore the needs of another who is in need especially for books.

Making poster for me!

He sent me photos of the students waiting and anticipating these books to read. He made a hashtag and spread the world through his influence on social media..

It has been my pleasure to send books to these children..

and provide a form of educational advancement for them.

One book in the right hands can change a life.

It is my honor and duty to serve and give to others  and  I challenge you to do the same.

Getting books in the US is a pretty easy task.

but we can not assume that this is the same for everyone across the world so I highly encourage you to donate books and resources to provide books for this teacher and his students.

Some books they've received so far.

Now, getting the books is pretty easy because I scour discount sites for books online but sending the books is where the real cost comes in.The ripple effect of sending this books is unlimited

help me send more books to children in Kano.

Thank you in advance for your support and may God oontinue to bless you in your life. My life has been enriched knowing that I am willing to give and help others.

For more info about me, visit:

For more info on the teacher, Ogungbesan Adewale, go to his Twitter page here:

A small act of kindness can make a big difference..

the amount of gratitude Ogungbesan Adewale and his students have shown is amazing! It really shows me how rich I am in my own life and how I should never take anything for granted ever again.

Help spread the word!

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a year agoReply
Thank you for this opportunity. I will spread the word and as for myself, I'll begin budgeting a mail it to Nigeria​ fund.

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a year agoReply
this sounds like such a cool initiative!