Are You Too Comfortable in Your Mental Poverty to See the Light?
Are You Too Comfortable in Your Mental Poverty to See the Light? power stories

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Are You Too Comfortable in Your Mental Poverty to See the Light?

by jamieenglishorg

Poverty is a state of being and having less than your full

potential, the state of being extremely poor. Most often people only attribute poverty to money. I’d like to stretch your imagination to the fact that a state of poverty not only applies to money

but also other areas of your life such as:

~ Extremely poor in love

~ Extremely poor in forgiveness

~ Extremely poor in understanding your divine power

~ Extremely poor in resilience

~ Extremely poor in respect

~ Extremely poor in faith

~ Extremely poor in hope

~ Extremely poor in compassion

~ Extremely poor in empathy

~ Extremely poor in peace

~ Extremely poor in effective communication

~ Extremely poor in patience

~ Extremely poor in kindness

~ Extremely poor in leadership

~ Extremely poor in personal development

~ Extremely poor in making the world a better place

I could go and on and on but I think you get the point.

While I believe poverty in money is extremely important and I’d like to touch on that subject first.

Most people are in poverty when it relates to money because

they do not know or understand the power within themselves.

When you don’t know your power, anything goes.

(Watch my video on this very topic).

When you don’t know, you are subjected to accept whatever

is available because you don’t know any better. In this state of poverty, I have observed 3 archetypes which I will breakdown:

1. The Sneaky, Self-Righteous Deceiver

This person likes to get over on others and present themselves as righteous. They will take every opportunity to monopolize the system.

They believe they are owed something in their life when in

fact, they give nothing but complaints, arguments and judgment. They bleed the system.

They are the ones who will have money in their pockets but a

are constantly asking others for money just because they can. They enjoy the “luxurious” benefits of welfare, child support payments, and other benefits they can get…

even though there is no significant need for it

…it’s just because they can. They may even get their food stamp benefit and take the risk of selling them, just to get more cash in their pockets.

This person then in turn gets pissed when there are things

such as a presidential election when their candidate doesn’t win. They enjoy the comforts of their benefits so they will condemn anyone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs

and insert their judgment and hatred all in the name of

righteousness, all just to stay in a place of comfort. They don’t want to be stretched. They do not want to be challenged. They are extremely comfortable in their mediocrity.

2. The Co-Dependent Advocate

This person doesn’t think for themselves unfortunately but certainly wants to but because they are under the spell of the system in which wants to keep them “zombified”,

they may never think for themselves.

This person is spoon fed strategic information through the news, radio and the internet. Their minds become a breeding ground of constant fear.

Over time, they end up getting so depressed by the

news/media that they can’t process all the wrong things happening in their lives so they go to their doctor who “discovers” they are depressed and needs to be heavily medicated on a daily basis

in order to cope with this thing called life.

They cheerfully oblige and are bound to the inner suffering that they introduced as a result of not thinking for themselves. They are not even strong enough to challenge the opinion of others

even when it doesn’t feel right.

They stay enslaved in the poverty that they introduced and willingly signed off on. They have know become an advocate and puppet for the system in which they are enslaved by.

The Secret Hater of the Wealthy

This person is comfortable in their poverty because they don’t believe they can have more.

They embrace the divine as their God but are unwilling to

connect the fact that they can have all the riches of God. They think it applies to other people, the wealthy and the rich.

They secretly despise them for having more.

In fact, they wish they could have more but they judge wealth and assume that people who have more money…love money and their famous

limiting belief is “money is the root to all evil.”

Because of this belief and their inability to be challenged on it to see they can have all of the richness and money they ever desired,

they stay stuck in this mindset and reject such a thought.

Only a small percentage will ever overcome this belief so many will leave this Earth completely unfulfilled and never rise to the full purpose of them even being here.

What a disappointment!

Never achieving the fullness of the Divine… essentially heaven on Earth in the sense that you can have whatever you put your mind to.

I have described these archetypes to give you an idea

of where you might fit in here. This is in no way how I want you to stay but just an awareness that many need to see and read and truly reflect on if this describes their way of thinking in some

way, shape or form.

The impoverished mind is a place of major disconnect

and does not reflect any form of prosperity. If you find yourself here, a cleansing and renewal process with reprogramming needs to take place.

Poverty is a mental disease,

an illness that runs rampant and infects other parts of the body. Understand that you have a choice over the entire matter. You can turn this all around. The power and ability lies within each

and every one of us.

The Steps You Need to Take:

You have to know that you are worthy of more. Speak positively about money (love, peace, forgiveness, etc.).

Never Criticize Money

Never regard money as evil or you will repel the very thing you want.

Get the Right Attitude To Attract Money

Speak positive affirmations on money.

Visualize the Money and Goals You Want to Achieve

– Create a mental picture of the dreams you want to accomplish in your life.

Believe that it is possible. Hold the experience.

Feel the experience and eventually, it will come to life for you.

Be bold enough to claim that it is your right to be rich

and your deeper mind will honor that claim ~Joseph Murphy

The same applies to areas other than money

(so replace money with whichever area you need to work on). The same principles

the same faith and the same acts within your mind.

This process of eliminating the limiting beliefs in your mind can set you free from all poverty.

You can then re-build with the thing that you need to

replace those thoughts with whether it is: money, love, peace, kindness, forgiveness, etc.

- Money is made in your mind.

~ Love is made in your mind.

~ Peace is made in your mind.

~ Forgiveness is made in your mind.

And so it is….and the light will shine again.

Be well and Be rare!

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