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A Call to Action

by jamieenglishorg

In light of the series of negative events..

that were highly publicized in our country within the past week, I remain at peace.I notice a lot of people’s feathers have been ruffled...

when something so negative happens ..

because as hard as this may be to swallow, it is in perfect alignment with God’s will and a call to action to ALL people.

Why you ask? There are several variables that are happening

We are not doing our work.We are too consumed in ourselves and our own families that it’s not important enough to stop and re-focus.We are not paying attention.

We are not staying connected to our source (God)

We refuse to grow.We do not know how to change nor will we seek the answer.We simply do not care.We do not want to change we are currently doing that will make our lives better.We are lazy.

Lack self-love..

We feel inferior and think we can’t so anything to change the world.

Whatever your reason may be,..

the fact still remains that we have a lot of work to do in order for us to see change in the world. We must start within. The change has to start with us and how we view ourselves and others.

We have to look at how we treat people..

how we react to adversity, how we speak to others, the things we intake within our minds such as: negative music, negative tv and media, gossip, etc., our judgments, how we perceive others..

how we speak to ourselves (our inner voice).

All of these things have to be addressed before we can begin seeing change in the world.Many of us don’t even love ourselves and who we are.

Some don’t even know who they are or why they are even here.

Because of our own free will, we’ve gotten so far away from the importance of our own existence and the purpose of why WE are ALL here, which I will list: – We are called to Love..

We are called to Forgiveness – We are called to Abundance

– We are called to Spread Joy – We are called to be Peace But how can we do all of these things if we can’t be all of these things…it’s impossible.

We can not bring peace if we are not peaceful.

We can not spread love if we have a heart full of hate. We can not spread joy, if joy doesn’t exist in our lives.

We can not bring forth forgiveness..

if we can’t even forgive a friend or family member.

The work has to be done within.

Tap into your source, your Creator, God and surrender all of your issues to Him. You have to work towards loving others, towards forgiving others, towards being peace. It all starts with you.

instead of running to go protest against injustice..

start with protesting against yourself and how you will no longer allow another moment to go by with hate for another in your heart.You will no longer hold unforgiveness captive in your being

You will no longer treat others with judgment..

It is a process and it’s not going to be easy but you can do it because you were created for this very moment and with the power of God within you, you can do anything…and I mean anything.


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