Blue Word, Dark Room
Blue Word, Dark Room waiting stories

jamesthewriter A college student with only words.
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A man waits for his date. But how long has it truly been?

Author's note: I wrote this a year ago and found it today. Thought I would share it with anyone interested.

Blue Word, Dark Room

I look out the window of my apartment, I am on the 58th floor waiting for you.

The lights are out but the city makes the room glow slightly, like a shadow.

There is only silence even in this noisy city. I stand there looking out hoping it is her turning in.

Just more lies to myself. I turn to walk to my bookshelf.

On the way I pass by the dinner table.. The blue lights reflect off of the glasses and silverware I set out earlier.

The only difference I notice is a wilting rose and settled dust.

I have been waiting for five years yet I haven't changed, only my surroundings have.

I look at the books and walk away unable to find anything interesting. The only thing title to catch my eye is 'FOREVER ALONE'.

I've read it once and that is all I have needed.

I walk to the recliner and small table by the window. I take a seat and look at my door.

It is dark and rugged as if no one has dared to open it before.

Looking back at the window little has changed. The facts are the same.

The buildings are the same.

The buildings altogether and standing.

I am all alone in darkness while they bathe in light.

They are touched...

Here I remain looking at a window and an empty chair.

If only she were sitting in it.

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