lost once again
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The path divides, lost once again, bothered by the thought "What could have been?"

lost once again

The slight wavy humid coldness that I feel, thinking of what could have been.

Those hazy thoughts, which drive me crazy, day to day.

Wasn't all I've ever wanted in my life, what I already had?


A future so bright and full of this warm feeling called love?

No more shared future, no more you and me.

Lost the foundation to build my own...

... family

No more getting up in the morning wondering why you're still with me

No more volatile, yet beautiful little kiss on your shoulder each morning before I leave for work.

No more vibrating "I love you" before I close the bedroom door.

All hope is slowly gone, vanishing, dissolving in this emptiness.

Did I deserve this?

Quite Certain.


One more chance that I do not deserve?

No more chance. No more pain. Now more sorrow.

Some might say that you really love when you are able to let go

Let go what you love and desired the most.

This marvy warmth, in exchange for this cold uncertainty of what comes next.

A little spark brightening my dark path, knowing ...

... that you're better off without me, no matter what you do.

But please never forget, I love you, I always have and I'll always do.

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