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The "I" between me and you.


What was on my mind? Unnaturally foolish enough to lose you?

What had I done that time that made you leave me?

Well ... today I know, I know better than I ever did before.

Reflecting on those days, being sick thinking of my old self.

But how dare I? My "new, old" self? Those thoughts about my "old" self?

Wasn't it ME?


Who did those things to you? Or better, didn't do to you?

Wasn't it me?

Who didn't hold you, when you needed me the most?

Wasn't it me?

Who wasn't thankful for the strength you gave me in the darkest of my days? Wasn't it ME?

No wishful thinking of an epic fight between "old" and "new".

How should it be?

If there's the "I?", ME?

This heroic battle between the graceful now, the inspiring future and the dark and cold past which crosses my mind at every thought?

A fight,

no one can win? An always recurring affray,

time and time again, those two vigours will brawl and no one ever will rise from that dire battlefield.

No future can exist without its past.

No past can draw breath without that pulsing warmth of that time yet to come.

In-between you'll always find the "I"

but there's no more you.

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