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jamesmccrae Poet. Human. Awkward.
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A poem about us.


A hungry wolf with good table manners and a bottomless stomach.

A species suspended in the childhood of awakening.

A ray of sunlight on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Some very good people with some very bad leaders.

An assembly line of cells and genes.

A teenage God having a bad mushroom trip.

A sucker playing a rigged game.

A rescue dog afraid of its own shadow.

Siblings who fight because they haven’t learned how to love.

Our own worst enemy.

Suicide in the form of genocide.

An innocent woman burned at the stake for witchcraft.

The right hand blaming the left hand for the body’s genetic pain.

Consciousness disguised as matter.

A crying baby with delusions of grandeur and ambitions of world domination.

An eagle with a broken wing.

The heart under attack by the mind.

Oneness broken into duality.

A homeless man vomiting at the foot of a billionaire.

The nauseous womb of our technological future.

An energy whose borders are illusory.

An advanced education for brave souls.

The universe learning to love itself.

A baby fawn walking across a busy highway.

A school play where some of the actors take their roles a little too seriously.

Both Judas and Christ.

Baby Krishna and Death, destroyer of worlds.

A caravan of blind explorers arguing over a map they cannot see.

Awareness lost inside of thought.

A flickering candle inside a dark room.

The scream of a poet into the void.

The distant ancestor of a noble tribe whose history has been forgotten.

A group of refugees who gave up our magic in exchange for paper money.

An ape who saw too much.

Many vibrant and distinct shades of the same great rainbow.

A jazz band with seven billion solos playing at the same time.

The vision of a genius dulled by medication.

The rerun of an old television show that we watch again and again because we can never quite learn the lesson.

The sickness and the cure.

The eternal debate between the mathematician and the artist.

An fuzzy channel of cosmic inspiration.

A fallen angel who must repay her debt before returning home.

The multi-faced servant of a single truth bowing in many different directions.

A collection of broken pieces trying to come back together.

The thing standing between the light and the shadow.

A comedy that looks like a tragedy until the very end.

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