This Persona of Mine
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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Living behind a mask.

This Persona of Mine

With a great big smile, I start my day just the same as the rest.

I'm the happiest person you know.

I'm always laughing.

I always have some sort of funny story about myself.

I don't tell you that I dont want to smile.

I'm holding in my tears most days.

I don't like myself as of recent.

As I try to find me, you will still have me.

See me.

Still laugh along with the jokes.

I wont let you fall into my darkness.

You'll never even know that I feel unworthy.

For you, I give you the gift of not worrying.

Not feeling the need to have to help.

I give you the gift of a happier side of me.

This Persona of mine

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