The Favourite Surprise

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Tyler's favourite thing is.... but what's Frank's?

The Favourite Surprise

"Why wont you tell me Frank?"

"Because it's a surprise that shouldn't be a surprise."

Tyler rolled his eyes. "Well now I'm confused and feel stupid."

Frank laughed a big laugh then put his arm around Tylers shoulders.

"Want me to show you my favourite thing? You really REALLY want to know?"

"Frank..." Tyler let out a sigh, then held a serious face that was ready to burst into laughter.

"More than anything."

Frank grabbed his hand and started to run.

"Well let me show you."

They started to run and he brought him to an ice cream parlour.

"Ice cream is your favourite thing?"

"No, it's not as sweet as my favourite thing."

Frank bought their ice cream, grabbed Tyler's hand and made their way down the street again.

He brought him to a liquor store.

"Oh well this makes sense..."

Frank laughed again.

"No, this is way too bitter to be my favourite thing."

He shoved the wine in his backpack and lead him once again.

They ended up at a path, with an endless amount of trees and natural beauty.

"Wow Frank, I think this might be my favourite thing."

"Its pretty close but, let's get there first and I'll show you."

They hiked for a good thirty minutes until they reached the highest point of the path.

There was an opening that showed the whole forest and just the outskirts of the bright city.

Frank opened up the backpack, spread a picnic blanket with a basket of goodies and the cheap wine he just bought.

They sat down and Frank poured them both a glass.

"So have you figured it out yet?"

Tyler scratched his chin and pondered for a while.

"If it wasn't that delicious ice cream, this tasty wine or the beautiful view, then I don't know."

Frank laughed while he started digging through his bag.

"This is my favourite thing."

He pulled out the object and pointed it directly towards Tyler.

He started to cry.

It was a mirror.

"You're beyond my favourite thing my dear."

Tyler dove at Frank, spilling some of his wine.

As he hugged him, his tear filled face turned into laughter.

"What? Is you being my favourite thing so funny?"

He sat up and gave him a kiss.

"No it's not that..."

He pointed the mirror back at him.

"I feel bad for saying my favourite thing was pizza."

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