She Didn't Know
She Didn't Know sad stories

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With little time for life or thoughts, all she could do is sink.

She Didn't Know

Thoughts rushed through her head at to fast of a pace to process. She tried to think of how she got there, but the water was creeping through her system way to fast to properly function.

Slowly, she started to lose control of her body. Her arms felt weightless and her legs were to cold to move, quickly becoming numb.

All she could do was open her eyes.

Open her eyes to a blurry dark blue body of nothingness.

There was nothing.


Why was all she could mouth.

As her lips stared to quiver she could feel herself starting to cry, but the water ate her tears without giving them a chance of freedom.

She mustered the strength to tilt her head up.

She could see the tiniest flicker of light.

What was it? Was someone coming to rescue her?

Maybe find who did this? What did this?

Her mind went to a darker place, darker than where the water was dragging her.

It must have been the moonlight. Just the moon watching her slowly fill with water and leaving her to suffocate all alone.

The moon just staring at the pain it couldn't understand, the pain its seen too much of.

It casted a sliver of light, giving the fish and seaweed a front seat to her final seconds on earth.

She had given up.

No ones coming.

She didn't know why she was there, but she knew in her gut this was it.

Bye mom, bye dad, friends...people.


As her thoughts grabbed life jackets to escape her water filled brain, she started to smile.

The smile suddenly turned into laughter.

Uncontrollable laughter which caused a tsunami of water to chug down her throat.

She closed her eyes and left herself to just be.

Her vision had left her.

Her water filled lungs no longer served a purpose for her.

Her arms, legs...

Her everything went limp.

The lost girl of the water was no longer worried.

Because the lost girl was gone.

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