Queen of the Hive
Queen of the Hive sad stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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She once ruled, until the buzz...

Queen of the Hive

Shes the queen And by her buzz They obey

Time and technology go by Shes no longer heard No longer obeyed

They're lost They can't think straight They can't fly properly

We text and talk on our devices Not thinking twice Not about anything or anyone Only ourselves

Buzzing with texts Buzzing with chats Buzzing with notifications

Bees continue to fall Bees continue to disobey Bees keep failing their queen Bees keep dying from the buzz

The queen of all everything She falls from grace Her buzz is disappearing Our buzz continues to grow

Once the ruler of her hive Now outruled by technology Technology that wasn't needed Buzzing out the buzz queen

The queen of the hive She can't obey So she wonders lost Until her buzz is gone.

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