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That special therapeutic list of magic to cure your mind and guide you to the right path.

(This is a longer read.)

Musical Remedy

He stormed out of the house with tears falling from his eyes like summer rain.

He grabbed his bike, put in his headphones, picked a song and began his ride.

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

He headed down the sidewalk going at slow pace, now getting into the music.

"Freedom, yeah I want that too. Oh and what about my dreams?"

Building up a little more frustration, he stood up in his bike and raced down to get to the path faster.

'You'll know, you will know, you'll know.'

As the song trailed off, he felt a little better.

He was about to hit the path, then the next song came on.

Quit - Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande

He slowed down a bit and looked up in the sky, and tears quickly filled his eyes.

He was face to face with the path.

Nothing but trees blowing in the wind, water filled with ripples and eager jumping fish.

He let out a sigh, and started to stroll down the path.

His mind blank for a moment, he only had the lyrics stuck in his head.

'I can't quit you, I can't quit you.'

He gazed at everything around him.

The rabbits quickly hopping off the trail back into the grass, birds spiralling up above, butterflies and bees going from flower to flower.

"I could never quit on the big dopey guy, I just wish he'd understand where I come from, understand my needs."

He got off his bike briefly to go sit by the water.

It was his usual place, he even had his own made path to his specific spot.

As he got closer, the next song played.

Heart to Break - Kim Petras

An instant smile grew on his face.

He remembered how he drove his boyfriend insane with this song.

Stuck on a very long and intense loop.

'One look at you, I'm powerless I feel my body saying yes where's my self control?'

He bobbed his head with a big goofy smile, but it quickly faded away. He thought of the things that were said, things he doesn't think he can take back.

He made it to his spot, took his headphones out and sat down.

Silence filled the air, beautiful silence.

He held his knees close to his chest and stared at the beauty.

The sun shined perfectly onto the water, and the wind kicked up the waves making calming crashes against the grassy dirt walls of mother nature.

He thought about his love, and how maybe things will only go backwards from here.

Maybe he'll leave.

With the tears filling up fast, he put on another song

Midnight Train to Georgia- Gladys Knight & The Pips

Now just staring out, he let his sappy self get swept away into the music again.

'Bought a one way ticket back to a life he once knew.'

"We've built so much together, can it really end that fast?"

'I'd rather live his world, than be without him, in mine.'

He stood up sharply, wiping the last set of tears from his face.

"No way, I have to fix this, running away isn't going help this."

As he walked back to his bike, the next song came on.

Morphine - LIGHTS

'I had my first good dream, now that you're haunting me.'

Shivers jolted up his spine.

He jumped onto his bike, and smiled.

"I know him too well." He started peddling away.

"Hes probably panicking too, maybe even more."

He slowly moved his head back in the fourth watching the sun slowly set.

'I want you more and more.'

As he made it off the path and looked down the straight away home, he turned his bike in the other direction.

He thought of when they first moved to their place, and how they ordered the best pizza in all the land.

"I love you, you goof." He reached into his pocket to change the song and noticed a missed text.

'I'm sorry.'

His heart felt like it was going to beat right out of his chest.

As he went to text back he got a phone call.

From him.


"Turn around."

He looked towards the road and noticed him leaning on his car, holding a box of that famous pizza that brought them closer together.

"I'm sorry too."

He rode his bike toward him and put it in the back seat.

They both got in the car and kissed each other.

"I'm sorry for biking off like that hun."

"No more apologies, now you know what will lighten up this moment?"

He grabbed his phone and plugged in the auxiliary cord.

Heart to Break - Kim Petras.

They both laughed, turned up the volume, and road home with nothing but the sound of music caring them away.

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