Memorable States of Her
Memorable States of Her memorable stories

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Her life in a matter of seconds.

Memorable States of Her

She lived a happy life, and she knew she did.

Now lying in a hospital bed, counting the beeps, nurses walking down the halls, cars entering and leaving the parking lot.

Her daughter came in earlier, with her daughter.

She smiled to herself, raising her arms in the air, imagining the times when she held her daughter as a baby.

All the times she cried, her first steps, her first time trying to say mommy.

She slowly lowered her arms and turned her head to the nightstand to an old picture of her and her husband Andrew.

Their wedding was everything she could have ever dreamed of.

She was flooded with thoughts of them holding hands at the beach, laughing at cheesy movies, getting caught making out in her parents basement.

She let out a giggle and stared at the ceiling. She slowly closed her eyes, imagining herself running to her mother's arms, spinning around in circles.

Her first time driving with her dad, hitting a telephone pole and driving away in a hurry.

Her first break up, and her best friend Sarah was ready with ice cream and too many romantic comedies.

Tears trickled down her face.

Not of sadness, but of her happy life that is now just fading memories. Memories that made her the woman she is today.

A daughter.

A mother.

A grandmother.

The most memorable stages of her life. She opened her eyes, gazed around the room and closed them once more.

With her hands weak and body aching, her soul was ready to harness another vessel.

Memories may fade And many more will be made You're memorable

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