Loud and Proud
Loud and Proud sad stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Pride is what we need

Loud and Proud

by jamesisweird

Protection Longing to be seen An hour glass stands still The sands unable to move Why stay when they say go?

Rejection Why is this hard Being called a faggot Shunned for being alive People cry and people die

Irrelevant Being cast aside Not having a real friend Living a life that is not fair Giving more and receiving less

Denial A living ghost An invisible life Walking amongst lies Laws change while minds don't

Evil It can hide As do the innocent We need to change hate Let pride be more than a march

People Is what we are We all live on earth Whether you like it or not So let's continue to spread love

Rejoice We are one We are growing And the love is starting We have so much love to show

Individuals We aren't alone This fight won't end Until we can all be whole Living isn't living with such hate

Destiny A clear message Just to live equally To live a life of peace Being able to smile a real smile

Everyone We are all unique We hold our own skills We need to stop the bullshit Love is love, let it lead the way

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