Little Vampy Betty
Little Vampy Betty sad stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Betty could fly, but one day she would die...

Little Vampy Betty

Little Betty flew around looking for trouble, not knowing one day it might hit her double.

She flew around for her future bitten friend, not knowing that this one would be her end.

She snuck up with eyes of delight, thinking she would get her blood tonight.

Just thinking about it made her drool, not knowing she was about to be made a fool.

She approached with caution and made her move, but little Betty was out of her groove.

All of a sudden there was a smacking sound, and little Betty was nowhere to be found.

She was abruptly stopped and no longer there, and no one around seemed to care.

I too don't think it would be neato, to be bitten anywhere by a mosquito!

*** End

I apologize for the use of neato, but I hope you enjoyed this very quickly made piece! Enjoy the summer and thank you all again for liking all my work.

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