Just Breathe
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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Crash! Breathe and calm down...

Just Breathe

I feel it in my chest again I'm out of my own control

Wave after wave of heavy emotions slapping and punching me without any sign of stopping

Why am I this way? Will my brain ever slow down? Can I do anything? Am I already too old? Should I give up on my dreams? Is the thought of change bad? Would I be better off alone?


Just calm down and breathe...

You're over thinking and you know this You know this..

You know right?

Anxiety and fear come back giving my brain whiplash Creeping over me, waiting to push me back down when I attempt to get up.

What are you doing? Can't you think for yourself? Is attention what you want? Do you think it's all about you? Why can't you just do it? Would you be better off gone? Can you just breathe?


Calm down and just breathe...

You're in your own head once again In your head again

But am I?

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