Joy oh Joy

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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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How does one find joy?

Joy oh Joy

I've been sad, a lot Crying and shutting everything out was my only form of medicine for quite some time Until you came along and brought happiness into my life

I've been angry, too many times Screaming into a pillow, not understanding what I was doing wrong Until you took my hand and showed me the way to the right path

I've been bitter, for no reason Finding a way to blame all my problems on something or someone else Until you showed me there was no blame to be shed

I've been jealous, blindly Unable to see more than someone else stealing the light from beneath my feet Until you removed my blindfold of insecurity and guided me back on track

I've been tired, and I'm done I'm too exhausted carrying around all this weight of hate and self denial Because you've shown me something I don't remember feeling for years


Joy oh joy, and so much more I can see the light where the darkness used to cloud my mind, causing constant pain Thanks for showing me that life can be more than the gallons of misery I was absorbing daily

I've been joyful, and thats it.

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