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Right or wrong?

In Our Lifetime

We're born innocent, no knowledge of hate.

Not yet knowing of peoples judgements towards race, skin, beliefs, or lifestyle.

We are born with what our eyes can see.

What our ears can hear.

Life is map we have yet to discover.

But things gradually change, for the good and bad.

We meet others and form a bond that can lead to the happiest of times, or the worst.

We make relationships that demand you not to partake in certain events, or not to be around certain people because they don't like what you like.

We build a wall of things that are right and wrong, limiting ourselves from life experiences.

As we get older, our walls get stronger and taller, with many holes and cracks.

Our once pure eyes, not yet seeing of much, now judge in an instant without missing a beat.

Our once pure ears, not yet hearing of much, now criticizes and is unwilling to listen to others points of view.

Years of being told what's good and bad has been pounded so far into our brains that we eventually explode leaving our thoughts scattered everywhere.

We don't know what's right or wrong anymore.

Our brain went on vacation and we're stuck here to clean the mess we made.

Are our thoughts wrong?

Did we self destruct because we're not right?

What are we doing?

Life is a mystery that we create, and as it unravels, we have to make the choices we think match the situation accordingly.

In a life, where you don't ever know what's next, the only thing we can do is to keep going.

Whether it's right or wrong.

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