In an Instant - Tony
In an Instant - Tony sad stories

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He heard he left.

In an Instant - Tony

Tony shut the front door and headed to the car.

"He can't ever take a joke can he?" He smiled to himself but it quickly faded to a frown.

He reversed out of the driveway and headed towards, well...nowhere.

Tony liked his drives by himself, but not under these circumstances.

"Ricky, what am I gonna do with you?" He started to smile through his sadness.

He turned on the radio and started tapping his hands on the steering wheel.

With that he noticed his wedding ring. The day they promised each other the rest of their lives would be together.

He continued to drive thinking about all the good times, and also, what to get Ricky to help soften their current situation.

"That boy is a twig but he loves to eat. I'll bring home some take out, or maybe ice cream?"

Out of nowhere the rain came flooding in like a tsunami.

He saw a corner store and decided to quickly stop in to escape the angry sky.

He went in and decided to just get ice cream.

As he left it somehow got worse.

"Oh I'm gonna hear about this when I get back..."

Tony left and headed towards home, but the normal back roads were blocked off, so he had to take the highway.

As he was driving barely able to see he got a text.

From Ricky.

He didn't want to read it but he didn't want Ricky to think he was ignoring him.

So he gave in and read the text.

'Buy more ice cream'

As Tony started to laugh, his eyes quickly shot up to the road.


As quickly as it happened...

It was over.

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