Ideas of a Distracted Mind (Haikus)

     Ideas of a Distracted Mind 
                          (Haikus) distracted stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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We have our moments/ Our minds become to focused/Then we start to fall

Ideas of a Distracted Mind (Haikus)

Distracted by doubt Distracting my train of thought Distracts everything

Full of ideas To which most are never heard Tangled in my brain

Crowded with these plans Thoughts that could make many smile But they won't see light

Paper full of words Nonsense to cure many frowns Though mines in the way

Are these even good? What if it bursts in my face? Maybe I'll just stop

If I stop then what? I won't discover my niche Leaving my brain stag

My brain now mixed up I've fogged all with my darkness My minds been blinded

Now I ponder life How am I gonna Succeed? I'm never ready

Turning my brain off Momentarily resting Suddenly it hits

My gears start to turn And the wheels are turning fast The mind becomes clear

I write it all down This seems great, but I wonder Here we go again...

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