Her Missing Life

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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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She needs to move on.....can she?

Her Missing Life

The shadow that once hovered over her has vanished.

The mornings are no longer welcomed by a warm body, a lovers embrace.

Waiting feels like forever now.

She used to skip and smile on her way to work, life was just that good.

Now she barely gets out the door, let alone out of bed.

She's unknown to the world, it welcomed her but she wanted nothing more than to disappear...


She lost the other half of her life, the reason for her inhales to be followed by exhales.

The person she once was died with them.

Some days she tries, she really tries.

The weight of pain and booze take over and she becomes crippled with drunken anxiety.

Life and its sorrows don't play in her favour, and shes way ahead of the brutal game of loneliness.

She knows she has to play along, but she doesn't want to.

She only has one life left, will she take it?


Game Over

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