Fighting My Fighter
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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Wake up and fight.

Fighting My Fighter

I wake up, slum my way to the mirror, and look myself in the eyes and see nothing but a flesh suit.

A constant battle with my brain, trying to drown out all the negative thoughts.

A fight with myself that I never used to have.

Now, is the fight I don't think I can ever end.

Time with loved ones to escape my mind, until it lurks back in to destroy my happiness.

Feeling judged by the weight of the world.

Constantly feeling lonelier than lonely.

Still, I put on my pants, shirt, and everything else to start my day.

I look back in that mirror and smile again.

A smile so fake, but a smile that helps me remember that it's all in my head.

The fight I fight isn't with the world.

The fight I continue to have is with my own damn life.

*** End

A bit of a darker piece again, but I read this and realized that I should also post something a little lighter and just on the more positive side... So we'll see how that goes!

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