Falling In and Out of Love
Falling In and Out of Love sad stories

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Sometimes you can only have one.

Falling In and Out of Love

I met him and I instantly smiled.

My worries disappear.

I want to tell him already, but I feel my heart running a ten meter sprint ahead of me.

I slow myself down so I can breathe and enjoy our time together.

Our connection grow stronger every day, yet I'm still afraid to let him know.

Time flies by and I suddenly feel the nerve to tell him.

So I do.

He looks at me and smiles.

He let's me know what a good friend I am.


I feel my heart dissolving.

I cry.

I dont seem him for a while.

Months pass and somehow,

I see him again, at a party...

With his beautiful girlfriend.

I smile at them both and grab a drink.

A toast to the happy couple and my two good friends.

My heart unable to feel anything else, left the party.

Left the man I had fallen for.

The party quickly died out, and I too made my way home.

I walk slowly, falling the trail of tears my heart made.

I may have walked away without true love.

But I left with a friend who still makes me instantly smile.

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