Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels Of Shiz
Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels Of Shiz sad stories

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As Glinda leaves her only true friend behind in the wicked city of Oz, she can't help the overwhelming guilt of leaving the green menace on her own. She has a decision to make, and she has to make it fast!

Fan fiction,
Based off the book Wicked

Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels Of Shiz

"Elphie, please, you can't just leave me behind" Glinda begging

her to come back to Shiz "What will Nessarose and Nanny think? What will I do without you? I'll be locked away-" "You know as well as I that you won't be lost without me" Elphie interrupted.

"Tell them something crazy, that I kidnapped you. You know they'll believe it, and by the time schools out, they'll all have forgotten about that green girl menace.

" She finished with a smirk on her face.

The driver was growing impatient and glared at the two girls holding up his time. "Glinda, please." She squeezed her hands.

"I'll be fine, I have to take care of something here." She gave the driver a hand indicating this will only take a few more seconds.

"Glinda, you were in that room with me and nessarose while Madame Morrible gave us that speech." Glinda squeezed her hands harder.

"Then the more for us to go back and figure it out together" She tried to stand, but gently, Elphie brought her back down.

"I need to find out what the doctor was trying to plan, and if I stay in that school any longer, Morrible will catch on and." She looked into Glindas eyes "Well, Ama Clutch.."

Glinda looked away and tried to forget the horrible incident she somewhat caused.

"Now, I must say farewell." With that she shooed the driver away and he began to leave in a hurry.

It surprised Glinda and whipped her back into her seat with not enough time to even give a proper goodbye to her new friend Elphie.

New friend?

She thought to herself, I used to despise the look and very thought of this girl, and now i'm in a wagon with nothing but tears in my eyes, back to ole Shiz with the thought that,

I can't bear that dungeon without her. Glinda was overwhelmed with feelings. So many thoughts were bouncing in and out of her head, banging on each one of her perfect luscious curls.

She thought about what Elphie said about Dr Dillamond, and his work. All his hard work coming to an end because of Madame Morrible.

Steam now coming out of her ears, and eyes turned her once tears into a wrinkled red forehead. "You okay deary? You looked troubled" The fat Glikkun female dwarf beside her asked.

She sat where Elphie was supposed to, staring at Glinda with remorse. She didn't answer her but she gave her a sliver of a smile to reassure that she was alright.

She took a breath and began to think. What if Madame Morrible hurts, Nessarose, or Nanny? What If I go back and she hurts me or- her thought was interrupted by Ama Clutch.

Poor Ama Clutch, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But had it been? She was curious of Dr Dillamond.

Then when she was discovered she had been magically struck with that 'illness' of which Glinda had told her and ONLY her.

Glinda was so mad she let out a slight yelp and threw her hands in front of her.

She controlled her breathing and found herself in pretty close walking distance of the emerald city.

With all these new thoughts and images crowding her head she didn't know what to do, but they all ended with Elphaba.

How she thought to herself, how did this crude, angry green goblin get me into all of this, and why do I care for her so deeply.

She took another breath, readjusted her outfit, took a bite out of some of her cheese and stale bread and patted the driver on the back. "What is it!?" he huffed "I need off...

now!" He shook his head I'm sorry miss I ca-" "Listen to me!" She said with a roar that even shocked her, but she kept her cool and went on.

"I came all the way to Emerald city to see my dear friend and I realized that I forgot all my books at her place.

" She continued, wagging her finger in his face "If I get all the way back to shiz, fail and drop out of school all because YOU couldn't stop this ride well...

" She said with wits "I know how i'll be using my sorcery" He halted the carriage and everyone shot forward including Glinda.

"You listen here" He yelled "I won't be threat-" "I bid you good day" She interrupted with a smile and a wave. "I shall remember this kind gesture sir!"

The man huffed and rushed forward, making up for lost time.

Glinda now watching the carriage disappear onto the world of Shiz and her in the middle of nowhere near the emerald city, with so much in her head, but she stopped and looked back at the city.

"Oh Elphie" she said under her breath "Why do you do this to me?

" With a big sigh, she shook herself in to control and with so much conviction and lost emotions, made her way back to the very green emerald city.

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