Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels of Shiz (Part 5)
Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels of Shiz (Part 5) sad stories

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The girls now trying to escape the Emerald City with their new member, are interrupted by two guards who are looking for an 'Animal'.

Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels of Shiz (Part 5)

Glinda stretched her arms and let out a big yawn to a very early start of the day, to look over at Elphaba sitting by the bed next to the donkey woman.

She had almost forgotten about it, like it was a dream. "Elphie what are we gonna do? We can't just leave her here, can we?"

Elphaba looked at Glinda then back at the poor woman. "We'll see what her story is and we'll go from there"

She looked exhausted. "I'll go get us some tea" Glinda left the room. Elphaba felt overwhelmed with everything that was going on, but decided to put her feelings aside.

"What were you running from?" She whispered to her.

"Th-th the wizard" she didn't intend on her hearing her but she got her answer. "The wizard? What do you mean?" The woman tried to prop herself on the bed, but could not.

Elphaba carefully helped her and adjusted her pillows for further comfort.

"Why are you helping me? I honestly thought I was gonna die." "We're all given life on this world, and it shouldn't be up to one race to decide how everyone else lives."

The woman now trying to open her eyes, looked at Elphaba more clearly. "Why you're as green as moss-" "Tell me" she interjected

"Why did the wizard do this to you" "Do you have any water or tea?" Just then Glinda came through the door.

"Oh you're awake, good, listen up." she roughly handed her some food and water "Eat up quick, because we have to get out of here now!"

"Glinda what's going on? She answered while grabbing her things. "No time to throughly explain but there are soldiers here looking for you mam."

She was already half way through her bread and shot back her water "Well I guess that's it for me, I'll go quietly" "Like hell I'll let you do something that stupid!" Elphie snapped at her.

"You may have given up on life, but your little one hasn't even got the chance to have one yet."

Glinda didn't realize Elphaba had so much passion and nodded in agreement. "Listen, we'll help you over the balcony. Also take this."

Elphaba gave her her black cape. "Use this to cover yourself. With your current state you can act as a feeble old woman, no questions asked."

"Why, why are you doing this for me?" "I'm doing it for both of you, now will you go you stubborn mule? Meet us outside the Emerald City gates"

With no time to retaliate she leapt from the balcony and scurried into the crowd, looking as feeble as she could. "Now let's get out of here" Glinda said grabbing Elphabas scrolls.

They exited the room but were immediately approached by two guards wearing green, with the symbol OZ near the caller of their uniforms.

"Good morning.." they said looking at Glinda then at Elphabas skin. "Ladies, we heard there was some noise coming from your room last night."

They continued inching closer "Did you invite a certain visitor into your room, of an Animal variety?" Elphaba snarled "We're sorry sirs, we have not" Glinda went on.

"If we knew of such an intrusion we would have summoned you guards as soon as possible." Elphaba stood there, silently.

"Is that so?" the guards said approaching Elphaba. Silence filled the room for a few moments then the guards relaxed their stance.

"Alright well be careful, she's dangerous, and well... we can't say too much, but she attacked the Wizard." The one guard said finally speaking up.

"Elphabas green skin was turning red and she was growing impatient with these so called 'knights'.

Glinda squeezed her hand and gave them a smile. "Well we must be off boys, I'm afraid our grandma's going to be very cross with us."

"You're sisters?" They both stared at Elphies skin. "Yes can't you tell?" Elphaba snapped sarcastically. They didn't answer.

"Well be careful out there, and let us know if you see her, she's a ruthless donkey!"

"Bye now" Elphaba finished. She grabbed Glindas hand and rushed out the door.

They were safe... for now.

*** I would just like to thank you all so much! I've been on here for just over two weeks and I have had so much love and support. I didn't know people would like and appreciate my work and it has helped me so much. THANK YOU! If you haven't read the first part of this, you should... It gets way WAY juicer later.....

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