Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels of Shiz (Part 4)
Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels of Shiz (Part 4) sad stories

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The girls have safely made it to the inn, but just as they find themselves comfy, they're interrupted by a bang...

Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels of Shiz (Part 4)

Elphaba eyes still wide awake couldn't sleep. "What am I getting myself into, and now Glinda? I really should just leave." she thought.

She knew she couldn't, not if she wanted to hurt yet another person so dear to her.

She sat up, lit a lamp and started examining the scrolls.

"I wish I got a little closer, why did they kill you? What was so amazing that you were jumping around like a kid at a candy parlor?

Frustrated, Elphaba threw them aside and got out of bed for some fresh air. She scanned the streets for anymore street dwelling creeps like Nick, but no one was around.

She couldn't stop thinking about Morrible and her horrible ways.

She let her mind escape of the thought of Morrible and for a few minutes acted like nothing was wrong,

like she was just some woman in the emerald city. As she was taking in the joy of her surroundings, she was interrupted by a loud bang. Something fell from above her and into bushes below the balcony.

When it started to move she grabbed a near by potted plant and held it above her head.

"You better get out of here while you have the chance!" She yelled "I'm armed, and I've vanquished many before me!" She felt stupid saying such a fowl untrue thing, but to the unknown, she sounded very sincere.

"P-please wait!" the voice cried "I'm injured and am bearing a child!" A donkey like woman limped out of bushes.

An Animal.

"Who did this to you?" Elphaba said, now pulling her over the balcony with all her might and into the room. "I I....." Without another peep the lady passed out into her arms. "Great.."

she said under her very now tired breath.

She quickly pulled the woman into her chambers trying not to wake Glinda, which she did not. Elphaba observed the poor defeated woman. Her clothes were all torn, barely clinging to her body.

Her face was cut up and badly beat. Her right eye was so swelled up you couldn't tell if there was even one under it or not.

The poor woman has been through hell and back and not only that, but she's caring for two.

She didn't need to ask who did this, with the wizards new law, Animals are being treated like mere, well, animals.

Elphaba searched the perimeter of the balcony, but heard or seen nothing, not a peep. She successfully escaped.

She found some tea towels on the shelf and used them to wrap the poor woman's wounds. "Elphie, come to bed.....Elphaba!?" Glinda interrupted herself.

"What in the unnamed gods realm is going on?" "Quiet!" She silently snapped at her. "Help me carry her onto the bed." Elphaba grabbed under her shoulders and Glinda grabbed her bottom hooves.

They gently put her in the other bed, which come to think of it, neither one of them used. "What happened Elphie?" Elphaba threw her hand on her forehead and let out a sigh.

"We'll find out in the morning. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bed." Elphaba, now with more on her plate, flopped onto the bed and almost instantaneously fell asleep.

Glinda, not even seconds after the horrific incident, was defeated by exhaustion and fell asleep next to Elphaba. What have they gotten themselves into now?

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