Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels Of Shiz (Part 2)
Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels Of Shiz (Part 2) sad stories

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Elphaba wondered the city, looking for somewhere where she could stay for the night, or even just to compose herself, but with all the people walking around, staring, gocking, and just to busy to recognize anyone else on the street but themselves she looked for a local diner.

Elphaba Lives! Chapter One: Rebels Of Shiz (Part 2)

Elphaba wondered the city, looking for somewhere where she could stay for the night, or even just to compose herself, but with all the people walking around, staring, gocking,

and just to busy to recognize anyone else on the street but themselves she looked for a local diner.

She found this small place that was called 'Oz Tea and coffee' "Real clever" she stewed under her breath but decided to go in. The place was quaint, not to crowded.

It was covered in Oz logos and sayings that made Elphie almost vomit into her mouth. She found a nice corner seat away from everyone and found her breathing had finally calmed down.

She realized since the separation from Glinda, that her heart had been pounding so fast that she couldn't find the time to relax, she almost found it trivial to order a coffee,

but did so anyway. She thought to herself, should I have done that, was that the right thing for me to do? But then she stopped, "I don't have time to think about that now, whats done is done."

Elphaba pulled out her scrolls of Dillamonds work and starting thinking. "What could this mean, what was he so happy about?"

She remembered how in class, how she was charmed with how happy he was about his discovery, but with that she also remembered how she last saw him which made her shut her eyes and clench her fists.

"Whatever it takes" she said now talking into her hands, "I will get that Madame Morrible and I will do her in like she did the doctor" and she meant it.

After her third cup of coffee she realized that the sun had almost vanished. "How long have I been here?" she thought to herself.

As she got up to leave she was interrupted by the waitress.

"Leaving already?" The bubbly gal said, with a very bright and clean uniform. She had her own hand made patches on it, with a variety of bright shapes. "Yes, why wouldn't I be?" she snapped. "Oh"

The waitress stepped back a little, not used to such hostility "I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude, but your friend ordered more coffees for you two."

Elphie Looked at the waitress like she was crazy "Friend? Listen mam, I'm sorry but I just got here and I don't know if anyone knows of any green girls in these parts."

"But mam" The waitress said pointing at the front door. "She's just over there" Being in the far corner of the room she couldn't really make out who it was.

So she stepped out of the shadowy corner of the room and stopped with disbelief. Those lovely curls could only belong to one girl.

"The things I do for you! You are the most stubborn girl I have ever met!" Glinda not realizing she was yelling stopped abruptly.

"Why are we here Elphie?" Elphie was still feeling shock all through her body to see Glinda back, and within just a few hours of a tragic goodbye.

"Why?" she wondered, "Why the hell didn't she listen to me?"

"We?" She grumbled "It was supposed to just be ME!" "Oh yeah, what was I supposed to do? Leave my female friend all by her lonesome in such a big scary new place?

What if something happened to you? Well, I could never forgive myself." Glinda finished with a hair flip and crept over to Elphabas creepy corner.

"Of course you chose to sit here" She patted the seat with her hand where Elphaba was sitting "Haven't I taught you anything?

How are you going to be seen by any potential boys sitting in the corner like a creepy imp?"

Still not really grasping whats going on, she took a seat next to Glinda and sipped on her new piping cup of coffee.

"I don't want to be seen, don't you get it?" She put her coffee down next to her previous cup and lightly grasped Glindas arms.

"Glinda, I value your friendship, I really do, but I chose to stay because I need to find answers, answers to things that could take months, maybe even years to find.

I sent you away so I could keep my mind on this important task" Glinda politely shook her off and grasped her coffee. "Elphie, I know you."

Elphie rolled her eyes but kept her attention to her "I realized that, as much as I may not understand exactly what you're looking for,

you're not going to find it on your own" Glinda tried to take a sip but it was still too hot so she blew on it and kept it between her hands.

"When Madame Morrible spoke to us, at first I shook it off, knowing what she did to my poor Ama Clutch, I didn't want to believe her, but now..."

She grabbed Elphies hands into hers "I realize that our paths, even Nessaroses path all line up together." Elphaba looked at her as if she were slightly off, but understood her point.

"Nessarose and I are nothing a like, now if you'll excuse me I'm very busy." She released her hands from Glinda and started examining through the scrolls.

"Don't you think I know that?

Nessarose is a strung up, religious kinda girl, and you, you're basically an atheist" Elphie Nodded "But, we're all destined for greatness, and whatever our greatness is,

it can't be found while we're all around Madame Morrible,

but It can't be found with you just running away from everyone because you're upset" "Glinda I told you I'm not going back to Shiz-" "Elphaba!"

Elphaba felt the shock of her full name being said by Glinda.

"I don't want to go back either, but unfortunately if you and I stay here,

then that leaves your crazy nanny and Innocent, naive Nessarose under the influence of Madame Morrible" They both sat in silence for a while,

finally being able to sip at there very black coffees.

"All I'm saying is, if we go back and get them, we can figure this out together" "You don't understand Glinda" She went on "I think the doctor found something very important,

and seeing as he was killed, I needed to leave, leave all my friends and family behind so the same fate wouldn't happen to them, to you" She stared at her scrolls some more.

She realized how vulnerable she had become.

"Elphie please, and you think we'd all be happier if you just vanished from our lives?

If something were to happen to you I would" She looked down at Elphabas scrolls "Listen, we have to go back, but not to stay,

just to grab your nanny and Nessarose then we can find a place near the emerald city to stay and study, and learn of these scrolls from Dr Dillamond" "What about Nessarose?

What if she doesn't want to leave, what if she thinks staying would be better for her, which it probably is."

Glinda gave her a look of disgust "Anywhere near that filthy Morrible is never a better fit for anyone" "Glinda what about you?"

She protested "How are you going to find the perfect husband and do all these charitable things if you're not there to study and finish school?"

Glinda chuckled and hugged her "Elphie, fate is fate,

wherever I go I know I will find the right path and it will lead me to where I need to be" She went on releasing her from the hug but still holding her arms "So I wanna stay and be with

the people I care about, and protect us all for the horrible Morrible, because as you know.."

She bowed down releasing her "I'm sorry about your Ama Clutch, but I just don't think this is a good idea" "Listen, how about this, we'll go back, and if they don't wanna come for the journey,

not only will we not force them, but I'll stay too, and you can be on your merry way again" Elphaba had to think.

She didn't realize how happy she felt when she saw Glinda in the 'Oz Tea and Coffee' entrance and didn't want to admit it either. But to go all the way back, she thought it would be trivial.

She also thought about her nanny and her dear disfigured younger sister Nessarose. "How much would she resent me if I left? Without even a goodbye either. If I were her I would never forgive me."

Elphabas thoughts were spiralling, but she let out a big sigh and looked Glinda straight in her eyes "The minute they say no or the moment you start doubting yourself, I'm leaving all on my own,

and I'll make sure you won't find me this time!" Glindas smile was so big you would swear she lit up Elphabas dark creepy corner.

"Oh Elphie, I knew you'd miss me!" she went to roll her eyes but was interrupted by yet another big hug from Glinda, but this time she hugged back. Just a little but Glinda took notice.

This was the first real friendship either one of them ever had, and they both felt it.

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