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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Dogs...where do I begin?


When I hear the word dog, it puts me in such a great mood.

Dogs are something we don't deserve, but get the option to have in our lives.

They are the most loyal and real friend you could ever have.

They don't care if you're wearing something goofy, they'll continue to look up at you expecting treats.

If you gained a lot of weight, they would still wag their tail and jump on your leg expecting to be pet.

You could have done something so embarrassing that everyone would be ashamed or weirded out to be seen with you.

Your dog though, would probably join you or do something just as weird.

When you're crying, you can count on your number one cuddle buddy to be there a.s.a.p!

Or when you've only been gone for a couple hours or minutes,

You can guarantee they're going to jump on you like you've been gone for years.

Remember a dog isn't a pet, or a trophy.

A dog is the best friend you're too lucky to have.

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