Dear Liar,
Dear Liar, liar stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Liar full of lies.

Dear Liar,

You are talented.

You had me thinking you were the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That's the thing though...

Its your goal.

Your job.

You took my mind in from the rain, sat it down, gave it a towel to dry off, and just as it got comfortable to let you know anything and everything,

you ripped the towel away, dragged my mind off its seat, and threw it outside right when the rain fell harder.

When the thunder and lightning were too much to handle.

I got some bruises and scars on the way out.

I feel hurt and betrayed,

but you know something?

I'm even stronger now.

Because of you trying to break me, I somehow feel more on top than I ever have.

I may cross paths with other creatures similar, but I'll never let them get to me like you.

So dear Liar,

thank you.

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