Cold to be Cold
Cold to be Cold sad stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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It can be cold, but a moment of weakness can be your downfall.

Cold to be Cold

Its comes at you without warning, Words so cold that it stings the moment it hits

You freeze in place grasping at nothing while falling backwards The shock of chilled negativity pulling you back to the ground

You rise up striking back like a sudden ice storm Thinking in the heat of the moment that it will heal the wound

But it doesn't

Sinking back into the chilling thoughts of your own head You want nothing more than to disappear in the depths of your own mind

Something a little cold suddenly turned to the most chilling moment of your life Caused by a momentary slip of the brutally icy thoughts conjured in your head

Thoughts can be stored in you like a freezer It's the moment you let someone open it that turns them into falling icicles

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