An Itching for Itchy Itchiford
An Itching for Itchy Itchiford pets stories

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Itchy Itchiford finds out what it's like NOT to itch.

An Itching for Itchy Itchiford

"Itchy!" Bess yelled. "Charlies looking for you, and he seems stressed."

Itchy stretched out from his bed and headed out front to meet Charlie.

"Itchy!" Charlie was scratching ferociously. "Do you have mega fleas or something!?" Charlie continued to itch, almost ripping his own ears off.

"Uh no Charlie, I mean...I don't think so. What are mega fleas?" Charlie sighed and continued talking. "Listen buddy, my owner David is giving me a flea bath, come by and get a treatment too."

"You think I need it?" He asked also itching himself to the bone. "Itchy you're coming. Let's head out now, say bye to Bess and lets hit it."

Itchy did as told and headed out with Charlie. They arrived and Charlies owner David stood at the doorway with gloves on and a bottle of flea shampoo. "Are you guys ready to be itch free?"

They ran upstairs, hopped in the tub and started the scrubbing. "I haven't had a bath in years." Itchy gave a sideways smile. "I don't think I've ever had a bath, well, on purpose anyway."

David towel dried them and they waited to be dry. "Well?" Charlie asked Itchy. "How do you feel buddy?" Itchy noticed that he wasn't nearly as, well, itchy as he used to be.

"Go for a walk Itch, enjoy the new flea free life." Itchy ran outside, ready to hit the world, but David stopped him. "Itchy! Stay out of the swampy areas, and anywhere dirty or wet at that. Thats where the fleas are!"

Itchy felt confused, but continued his new found flea free life. He walked down the sidewalk and bumped into some friends.

"Hey Itchy we're gonna head down to the peer, wanna come?" Itchy was excited but remembered what David said. He kindly declined and continued on the sidewalk.

Itchy was bored, and I mean REALLY bored. "Is this it now? To be itch free Itchy I can't have fun anymore?"

Itchy also realized that without the Itching, he had so much more on his mind, too much. He turned around and ran back to Charlies.

"Charlie Charlie! I can't do this!" "Do what Itch?" He said walking out with him. "Itch, I need to itch!"

He further explained. "So Itchy you would rather be a flea ridden mutt, then a clean itch free dog?" Itchy sighed "Yes! Oh Charlie I can't do it! I'm bored and I want to explore but I can't do anything anymore!"

"Well Itch, I'm not trying to make your problem not seem like anything but." He pointed his head towards the peer. "I heard theres a big mud race down by the peer, go have some fun!"

"You're right, oh thank you Charlie, thank you!" Itchy ran to the peer in a hurry. He had the best time, running around and flopping over his own ears.

It was getting late so he headed back home. Bess welcomed him home with a smile. "How was your day Itchy? Is Charlie okay?"

Itchy started to itch his ear and jumped onto the couch. "Yes Bess, everything's just perfect."

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