An Extraterrestrial Moment
An Extraterrestrial Moment sad stories

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He saw a light, but as he got closer, it got dimmer.

An Extraterrestrial Moment

"You're lying! You just want attention!" Todd screamed looking for approval from his sidekicks, to which he received.

"No I'm not! If you don't believe me, then I'm gonna go find it myself!" Danny ran off into the forest not looking back at his so called 'friends'

"I saw a light I know I did...stupid Todd." Danny wasn't the most popular kid at his school, but he was always the most imaginative and full optimism.

Around twenty minutes of running around he slowed down to catch his breath.

He flopped down with his back to a big oak tree, picking up twigs and throwing them in front him, trying to get each one farther then the next.

"I did see a light...right? It couldn't have been just the sun, its way too cloudy out."

He let out a sigh and decided to head back.

As he got up using the tree to help stand up, his hand landed right into some slime.

"Ew is this bird poo...or sap?"

He looked at his hand, the colours of the substance had a shiny purple and blue colour.

He looked behind the tree and saw more droppings of the shiny slime and headed towards it.

As he walked closer the droppings were getting more consistent and looked more liquid than before.

He started looking around but still couldn't see anything.

"What's going on?" As he started to question everything, a light quickly burst from a tree just up ahead.

"This is it." He thought to himself, and slowly crept over to the tree, now stepping in puddles of the colourful substance.

As he slowly approached the tree just steps away from seeing what it was, the light was there again, in a constant dimming ball.

It seemed to be fading.

Danny closed his eyes and walked just enough in front of the tree to see what it was, but also enough to leave in a flash.

Danny turned his body towards the tree and quickly opened his eyes.

He immediately fell to the ground and completely froze.

It was an unknown being. Light purple skin, four long twiggy legs, three arms, but one seemed to be missing.

Where the fourth should be was a stream of purple and blue blood racing out at a rapid rate.

He tried to see its face, but it was a blank profile. it had green long strips on its head. He couldn't tell if it was hair, antennas, or maybe some sort of weapon.

Once Danny felt more aware and able to move, he saw the creature did absolutely nothing. It didn't even budge.

Just then, it moved its head, looking towards him but then moved its head down towards its big swollen stomach, where the dim light was coming from.

It started rubbing its belly then pointed at Danny.

Danny felt scared beyond belief, but also very bad for this poor being.

It was dying.

But what did it want?

"Are you going to die?" He managed to ask.

The creature didn't speak or make any noise, it just pointed at its belly and then at Danny again.

"Do you need help?"

The creature kept repeating the same actions.

"If you need help, I can help you. I don't know how but I-"

He was interrupted by the alien stabbing its one hand into its stomach and started to stir it around, looking for something.

Danny was feeling sick to his stomach, holding in a burst of vomit.

The creature was moving its arm around its insides like a blender, looking for something while a river of purple-blue blood poured out.

The creature suddenly stopped and slowly pulled something out.

A ball of light.

He slowly moved the ball towards Danny, whos face went blank.

Danny who was still frightened, reached his hand out.

As he reached out to touch the ball, a sudden bang of light erupted from it.

Everything went white.

"Danny...Danny wake up!"

Danny shot up fast and looked around.

He was still in the forest, but nothing was around.

No creature, no light, no weird blood.


"I told you. You didn't see anything did you?"

Danny got up and started to walk away very slowly.

"You were right, it was nothing."

He walked away, confused and in a little pain.

"Did that actually happen? Was there an actual Alien, and did it die?"

As he was almost out he felt a sudden sharp pain.

He quickly dropped to his knees and grasped his hands onto his stomach.

" it can't be."

He slowly lifted up his shirt to see where the pain was.

Dannys eyes shot open and he just stared down at his belly.

He saw a light, in a constant dimming ball.

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