Am I Just Confused?

Am I Just Confused? sad stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Am I?

Am I Just Confused?

Am I normal? Is my brain just on another assembly line heading straight for the compactor? Would you tell me?

Am I weird? Are the things I say only relevant at the time and place of your convenience? Will I find out when I'm irrelevant?

Am I strange? Are the gawking stares and the interrupted whispers about the things I do on a regular basis? Or am I just being paranoid again?

Am I odd? Are my suggestions and ideas just something you can laugh about later with your friends? Or was that an odd thing to say?

Am I just Confused? Because I'm told one thing, which means another thing, that eventually translates to something else... Sorry, is what I'm saying confusing you?

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