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jamesfowlerMy name is J. S. Fowler. I am a writer.
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A cannibal family massacres the wrong people.

Avenging Angel

A 6 foot 7 man burst out of the bushes holding a bloody machete. His massive bald head was searching the trees frantically as he raced through the forest.

"I know what you did to my friends, you sick demented battered! Now I am going to do the same to you!" A female voice said echoing all around him.

The man stopped. He frankly slashed through the air as if he could see the one who has the voice standing around him. It was nothing there. There was no other sound but his beating heart and heavy breathing.

The man began to run again this time he felt a push causing him to smash into a tree face first.

As he was getting up he felt his nose and lip being wet and sticky. As he wept at it blood smeared on the back of his hand.

Now he regretted what he did a few days ago to those girls, but it was too late.

That day he him and his psychotic family heard a van pulled into a deserted road miles off the interstate. The quietly followed the group of girls through the autumn leaves.

They followed the girls deep in the woods until the group stopped. They watched from a far as the girls set up camp.

Night came. The girls sat around a campfire telling stories and laughing not knowing they were being watched.

The lunatics decided to make their move. They were too deep in the woods for any one to hear their screams. The rushed the girls with hatchets axes, and machetes.

The lunatics butchered the girls as they begged for mercy. The more the girls screamed in pain the more the lunatics laughed with glee. They were enjoying their victim's torment with each slash until they were silence.

They drug the bodies to their house to eat for later.

However, one of the girls was filming the campfire thinking she could look back and reminisce with her friends in the future, but that would never be. Instead, the phone recorded a bloody massacre.

Saira came a day late. She just got done finishing up an assignment. She was supposed to meet her friends at the camp site.

She pulled off the main road where her friends told her to go. She found her friends car a few miles farther down.

She searched the woods for a few hours until she found the camp site.

Saira was terror-stricken as she investigated. The camp was empty, but blood covered the ground.

She heard a faint ring tune and ran to it. The phone was on about two turn off. When the call ended, the screen went back to the video. She watched the video as sobs rose out of her throat.

Pure hatred rose to the surface consuming everything else. Just then her skills as an assassin took her in another direction. Instead of killing for hire, she will be killing for revenge. And revenge is sweet. They will pay! They all will pay!

The maniac continued running. "I killed them all! I made their deaths excruciating. Their torment was my pleasure. Now you're the last, and your torment will be the best of all!" Again, the voice came from every where.

The man stopped; he was too tired to run anymore. He stood there clenching his bloody machete and outwinded. He was making his last stand.

The blow was quick and furious to his lower spinal cord. He fell to his knees stunned. He slashed through the air desperately to strike something anything. He felt a sharp pain. The machete fell to the ground with his hand attached. He knelt there frozen looking at his stump.

A dark figure hung over the lunatic. "You made a grave mistake killing the friends of a kuniochi. Oh, the fun I am going to have with you," Saira said with a devilish smile.

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